The European Strategy Group (ESG)

The remit of the ESG is to establish a proposal for an Update of the medium and long-term European Strategy for Particle Physics, for approval by the Council. It is proposed that the proposal will take the following elements into account:

The Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics shall in particular aim at:

  • enhancing the visibility of existing European particle physics programmes;

  • increasing collaboration among Europe's particle physics laboratories, institutes and universities;

  • promoting a coordinated European participation in global projects and in regional projects outside Europe;

  • encouraging knowledge transfer to other disciplines, industry, and society.

  • The proposal shall include a review of the implementation of the 2006 Strategy, as well as of the structures and procedures currently in place with regard to the Strategy.

    The proposal shall outline priorities following a thematic approach, with special emphasis on future large infrastructures/projects, including preparatory steps for a next project at CERN after LHC in a global context, and consider time scales and resources. It shall also consider possible future participation by CERN in experiments outside the Geneva Laboratory as part of the Strategy implementation.

    The proposal shall comprise a series of ordered and concise statements of 1-2 lines each, or 1-2 pages in total followed by more detailed presentations that shall not exceed 25 pages.